Rarely does a song come that draws such a mixed bag of emotions ranging from mass euphoria to the usual trolling that’s typical of Kenyans and their proverbial fear for that which is different. Yet all this seems to add only more fuel to the viral fire following the mainstream appeal of  the remix Ligi Soo [ The Big Leagues] by Nairobi based rapper,Rabbit. Coming in at over eleven minutes and featuring an eclectic mix of male and female MCs the Ligi Soo remix has been the talk of the town since its release a week ago. We managed to track down the two geniuses behind this formidable track, Rabbit and producer Kevin Provoke to get behind the cliché headlines and hype for a sit down on remix came about


Provoke Hi Res At 11 minutes with 10 Artists. What’s the big Idea if there’s any?

Kevin: It’s been long since there was a buzz worthy collaboration by so many relevant artists, what we see are those wack N.G.O type collaborations so the idea was to create a remix that cemented what the song is about, breaking boundaries and announcing a new era in the way we perceive and market hip hop.

Rabbit: The idea behind the Ligi Soo Remix was that I wanted to do something new, fresh and previously unheard of, with MCs that I respect.

How did the remix come about, how did you [not]choose  the featured artists

K: There was no auditions,[laughs] just calls to mutual friends of mine and Rabbit’s. We reached out to people whose work we respect, as well as those we felt were very good but weren’t getting the attention that they deserve. There was no We-Are-The-World type artists congregating at the studio for the recording sessions, in fact everyone came on different days. As far as the video, the the MC’s on the track got to finally meet each other on the day; they weren’t aware of the scale of the remix. We did this to keep an air of mystery and suspense.

R: For me, it was about working with artists that have supported me through-out my career, and others who I have always wanted to collaborate with but never got the opportunity to. This remix offered the opportunity to  kill these two birds with one giant stone as well as an opportunity to maintain relevance whilst offering freshness by doing something that was new and cool.

Media Scrutiny on the song length as well as  lyrical prowess of some of the featured artists?

K: The internet and the “streets ” are our main audience and distribution medium, it’s a fact no new artists are being discovered on radio. We have brought #newrules to the game that was previously determined by the programs’ controllers  and taken it back to those who matter i.e.the fans . We really appreciate the VJs and Djs at the various  clubs, radio and TV networks that are bold enough to question and break the rules in playing the remix; change is always not easy to accept. As far as the artists on the track, I believe everyone brought  their A – game to the court, it was good to see familiar rappers like Madtraxx and Meja on a track with  new MC like Jay A. The female MCs are  the coolest thing on the track as we have not had anything new from the ladies in over a  decade!

R: We have actually gotten calls from some media Tv/Radio networks asking for a edit that’s the standard three and half minutes[sic] . We are not really concerned by these or even those that chose not to play the track only because of track length, because they are really not our intended audience anyway. It is ironic to see these stations asking us to edit our song while they will play the full nine minute songs from Justin Timberlake’s new album. Every artist brought their uniqueness to the song which why the track has gone viral because each and every one of them has a legion of fans and that’s what made the remix sticky! Comparisons of  lyrical prowess really are largely not important.

You have included a lot of new [unknown] Female MC’s why?

K: The rap scene has been dominated largely by guys and we felt that a good number of female  rappers were was going unnoticed. The inclusion of Petra , Shikow, Femi1 , Raz , LyraOko  and Wangechi was to break the myth on female rappers’ skill first and perception as just video vixens.

R: It’s extremely difficult to get noticed as rapper and even ten times the effort when you are female one just because of hip-hop culture towards women. As a leader it is important to not only talk about bring people up but actually get around to  doing it.I believe giving people opportunities, how they use them is up to them.

Which of the Mcs delivered the best verse and any last parting shots

K; I am very biased but for obvious reasons it would be either Rabbit or Wangeci.  Watch out next week for the most anticipated mix-tape of this year. Wangechi’s Chakula ya Soul

R: At the risk of being called a watermelon I  have no favorites.. everyone MC was my favorite. For my parting shots I would urge to get The Ligi Soo remix  MP3 on  Waabeh; it’s only 30bob!  The video is on also online, share and it far and wide. Support and #PlayKEMusic

As the sun sets on the interview, I leave with a deeper understanding of what it takes to take a city by storm in eleven minutes.Until next time, get out more and listen to what you love!

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