Wangechi 1Mind numbing dread seems to whelm me whenever the opportunity to meet a rising star crosses my path, especially one  that has been massively over hyped to the point that it is impossible to judge what if there is any real critical acclaim or am I [we] just audience to a  really effective PR machine whose product we have accepted without questioning it’s validity.This was the case when I sat down to interview the 19 year old Wangechi [ Wang -ay-shee] about her foray into music scene with her first release  the Consume #ChakulaYaSoul mixtape. Wangechi has been able come from literally nowhere to be front and centre, the most buzz- worthy new artist in Nairobi right now; and all this from 3 tracks that were released 5 months ago! My first impression of Wangechi is that she is confident.. not cocky but in  the right mixture that one needs to survive as artist for more than standard 15 mins in the spotlight.

Here’s a summary of  her  Waabehtv. Interview

Name: Wangeche

Age: 19 

Album:  Consume: #ChakulaYaSoul

Liner Notes:  Executive Producer: Kevin Provoke,  features collaborations with Rabbit, Alex Big Soul,

Sounds Like: Everything you loved about old school hip hop, but with a freshness that makes it relevant to 2013. #Consume: Chakula Ya Soul is the perfect cocktail of life as  seen through the curious eyes of a young female African MC, Diggable Planets, memories of dungarees, box-haircuts, braids and touching similarity to the unpretentious coolness of Jaden Smith. While she can obviously sing better than your garden variety reality TV show winner… #ChakulaYaSoul is primarily a showcase of witty wordplay, quick delivery and biting lyricism.  

Why you Should Care: check the some of the feedback:

“cutting edge and is going to push the boundaries of hip hop in KE. Soulful vintage, it’s like really really fine wiiiiiiiiiine” – Chris Adwar ( Producer, Artist)

“probably the most outstanding work I have heard from Kenya this Year” – [VDJ Space [ Dj,] Producer]

“She’s the next big thing” – Kato Change [ Guitarist, Artist]

Other Details: Currently in Uni pursuing an Economics degree!!… is Single…but not ready to mingle [ or so she says!]

Ratings : 5 gotas [ Fist Bumps] . 

Verdict: One of those classic albums that shape an entire generation, I would put it alongside Ksouth Nairoberry and Nairobism! It is also FREE!

Watch the interview Here

Listen and Download  here

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Wangeci Front cover

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