In our second edition of Waabeh Life, your fortnightly music update we shine our spotlight exclusively on the ladies as they have been at the forefront of  releasing great timeless music throughout this year.

We start off with


At just a 19 years, Wangechi is a  triple threat as she can sing, rap and play’s bass and while she is  newest of the lot this has not stopped from making the loudest splash this year with her  mix-tape, Chakula Ya Soul, released to great critical acclaim. Wangechi has been able come from literally nowhere to be front and center, the most buzz- worthy new artist in Nairobi right now. My first impression of Wangechi is that she is confident.. not cocky but in  the right mixture that one needs to survive as artist for more than standard 15 seconds in the spotlight. Her first full length album Art 19 is expected at the end of the year, December 19th to be precise!

Maia Von Lekow

Maia brings a dynamic new color to Kenya’s contemporary musical landscape. Born and raised in Nairobi to a German/Italian mother and Kenyan father, Maia’s unique heritage is combined into a fresh sound weaving jazz, funk, folk & blues all sprinkled with swahili spice. A traveller at heart, Maia has lived and performed in Berlin, Melbourne & Dublin. Since returning to Kenya in 2007, Maia has established her current live act, a high-energy 6-piece band that has been making waves throughout East Africa, gracing the stages of prominent festivals such as HIFA (Zimbabwe), Sauti za Busara (Zanzibar), The Great Rift Valley Festival, Samosa Festival, Sierra Jazz Safari and Blankets & Wine (Nairobi). Maia’s intimate acoustic performances, both solo and as a trio, have also garnered enthusiastic responses from audiences all over. Maia’s debut album Drift  released this year is a culmination of her travels, collaborations and experiences, all backed by an array of East Africa’s best musicians. Recorded entirely on vintage equipment in Nairobi garages and living rooms, as well as further studio sessions in Berlin, Maia’s songs sing of new political horizons for Kenya’s dis-empowered youth, of the plight of women and domestic violence across the world, as well as personal introspection of the solitude and isolation felt in not belonging to any single culture or community.

Miss Karun’s debut album her first since departing to work on her solo career, is arguably on the most talked about urban album released in Kenya this year. With the production talents of Boss and Chief, Karun’s Sun and Moon debut album has clearly won over her old fans in addition to introducing her to a whole other audience with a keen ear for great quality music. As far as debut albums go, Sun and Moon sets Karun head and shoulders above her peers and is one album that will never get old

Neo-Afro soul singer Atemi Oyungu has finally released her sophomore album entitled Manzili-State of life. This has been a long awaited event and her fans will not be disappointed. The album is a testament of Atemi’s growth both as a songwriter and a vocalist. From ballads, to feel good songs and not leaving out a patriotic feels, Manzili has something for everybody, every mood and every occasion. It is about the revelations of an artiste who wants her audience to feel uplifted when listening to the music and is just the right tool to put Kenya, Africa on the map. The record features artistes like Chris Bittok, Chris Adwar and Delvin Mudigi of Sauti Sol. It includes the works of extremely talented producers such as Tim ‘ennovator’ Rimbui, Chris Adwar and Robert ‘RKay’ Kamanzi Manzili is a must have album. One of the finest soul artists from East Africa, Atemi Oyungu began singing at the age of 10. She first made her mark in the music scene with the all-girl group, Intu. In 2003 Atemi joined Kenyan sensation, Eric Wanaina, as an assistant vocal harmony provider for his band. Together with Eric and the Mapinduzi band she performed in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar, Festival Mundial in Holland, The North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, Big Brother Africa in South Africa and at the Annual German Ambassadors Conference in Germany.

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