Waabeh 1 Year ReportI hope this finds you well, and that your 2014 is awesome.  About a year ago we launched Waabeh guided by a radical idea that African musicians could  finally control their destiny,reap from their labor of love all the while giving their fans a place  where they could listen  to and download  their favorite music. Our promise was a solution that empowered the artists with  simple upload and distribution over the internet and mobile apps, gave them a higher sales royalty as compared to the telcos that were keeping up to 85% [Waabeh keeps 30%]  in addition to  giving their fans  easy and  familiar  payment options such as mobile money [MPesa,] and credit cards.

As one whose opinion we really value, we  present to you our annual report card, on what we have accomplished so far. We have passed over 10, 000 downloads and serving over 330,000 streams. Waabeh has expanded beyond it’s initial base of Nairobi,  Kenya , we are now serving musicians and their fans from all across the world in such varied places like The Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and even Japan! It has been a tough yet fruitful year and we are glad to be part of the larger African tech community offering working solutions to uniquely local problems.

Please find a infographic  of some of our last years highlights as well as a photo of Karun, one of Kenya’s top 2013- breakout acts,  with her royalty cheque for the last quarter.

We still on the lookout for more great music, podcasts, audiobooks and even content partners, so please do not hesitate to let us know on how we can collaborate further by going here.